Revenue and Cost Assurance

In the early 2000’s, companies (especially in the telecommunications space) were under increased pres- sure as competition rose. Complexity in the products and processes was fraught with risk and too often, there were losses which companies could ill-a ord. Management started crafting frameworks to ensure that they could safeguard revenues. Gradually, the term revenue optimization or revenue assurance came into play.
Over time, this function has grown to encompass cost assurance. At IRS, we take a simple view which has been proven to work.

Data tells a story and if there is a story, we shall deploy our skill and experience to find it.

The data that has been collected by a company, if well analyzed, is a goldmine. The possibilities are endless.

Revenue and Cost Reviews though Data Analysis
We can help you identify areas in which the company is losing money and / or, incurring extra costs. Our analysis aims to confirm completeness, accuracy, validity and timeliness of the revenue and cost chains. We deploy agile data analytics tools to extract and analyze data from information systems. Through such reviews, we help businesses to identify and plug revenue leakages and avoid cost overruns.

Business Improvement
We map the processes behind the data to ensure that we have a full picture of the business. This helps to identify areas of further improvement. The results of our analysis are presented in a set of concise recommendations, which management can use to improve the business.

Implementation Support
IRS also offers implementation support. The actions identified in the areas mentioned above are tracked through the full implementation cycle. We do not just hand in a report, if needed we partner in implementation.
The revenue optimization practice is led by skilled consultants who have combined experience of over 25 years having handled assignments in PwC, Safaricom, Airtel and Vodacom.

Please feel free to visit the case-studies page on our website for more details on some of the work we have carried out and the benefits that our clients derived

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