Forensic Investigations and Litigation Support

Keeping fraud out of your business is key to the attainment of the overall business success. We advise our clients to keep a keen eye on their day-to-day operations to ensure that they prevent fraud and where not preventable, that they detect it as soon as it occurs. Among the fraud management services we provide are:

Fraud Prevention
Fraud prevention is ideal in every business set up. We can assist your organization to prevent the occurrence of fraud by:
1. Designing and implementing holistic fraud management structures that proactively guard against fraud.
2. Conducting annual fraud risk assessments that inform you of your areas of vulnerability and exposure.
3. Training your staff and creating awareness on fraud and how to prevent and detect it.

Fraud Detection
You may not be able to totally avoid fraud or prevent it from occurring within your organization. Never- theless, you should arm yourself with the right tools and processes to help you detect the fraud as soon as it happens. This is necessary to minimize losses and take corrective measures as soon as possible. Among the services that we offer towards helping you detect frauds timeously are:

  1. Forensic Data Analytics – Use of data analysis tools to detect or identify odd patterns and trends in historical data that may be indicative of fraud.
  2. Use of available fraud management tools to continuously monitor your events and transactions real-time so as to flag fraudulent transactions as and when they occur.
  3. Providing you with advisory services on establishment of whistle blowing channels and incentive programmes.

Fraud Investigation
Our team is highly experienced in conducting investigations of a diverse nature. With over 20 years combined experience, our team can competently handle:

  1. Fraud and financial impropriety investigations
  2. Cyber and computer crime investigations
  3. Proceeds of crime tracing and money laundering investigations
  4. Conflict of interest investigations
  5. Bribery and corruption investigations

Integrated Risk Services has handled complex investigations in diverse sectors, with demonstrable results.

Resolution and Litigation Support Services
Once a fraud has been detected and investigated conclusively, certain events must follow to ensure that the incident or similar incident does not occur and that the organization is, as much as it practically possible, put in the financial position it was before the fraud occurred. Towards achieving these out- comes, we provide our clients with the following services:

  1. Advisory services on how to lodge successful insurance compensation claims following an occurrence of fraud.
  2. Expert testimony services during the prosecution of the fraud culprits.
  3. Expert quantum determination where the amounts fraudulently obtained are not easily ascertainable.
  4. Improvement/enhancement of policies and procedures to seal loopholes that enabled or facilitated occurrence of the fraud.

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